Public Sector Consulting Services

Consulting Services for Government Agencies

Although BCG can tailor a personnel-related research project to meet virtually any need and which will fit any budget, below are a series of our most typical services:

Job Analysis

A job analysis is the foundation on which nearly all personnel-related decisions are made. A job analysis provides an organization with a list of all the duties performed by incumbents as well as their importance to job success and frequency of performance. In addition, a job analysis identifies the specific Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities required in order to perform the job tasks.

This information, when taken together allows public agencies to develop hiring procedures, establish minimum qualifications, modify job classifications, and more. A high quality and thorough job analysis is perhaps the most important single step in establishing the validity of your hiring procedures. [ request a proposal or quote ]

Development and Validation of Personnel Assessment Instruments

Written Multiple Choice Tests

Written multiple choice tests are often considered the “gold standard” of testing when dealing with large applicant pools or when the job is highly technical or requires that a new employee bring an extensive knowledge base to the job. Multiple choice tests have the advantage that they can be automatically scored allowing for a great many testing sessions with virtually no additional cost.

Additionally, this automated scoring helps reduce unfair bias as all items are scored according to the same standard. Because these tests usually result in a lot of data, special statistical analyses can be conducted to carefully evaluate how well the test is working, how reliable it is, and if either the test or any specific items are exhibiting illegal discrimination against women or other minority groups. This means that multiple choice tests can be carefully tailored to provide powerful measures of a job applicant's ability to perform the job.

BCG staff have developed many highly valid tests that have been administered to hundreds of thousands of test takers. Our tests have been shown to reduce turnover, increase productivity, and reduce costs associated with job injuries and workers compensation. [ request a proposal or quote ]

Structured Interviews

Structured interviews, while not nearly as precise and powerful as written multiple choice tests are also a viable alternative that agencies may wish to consider when designing their selection procedures. Their strength is that they are cost-effective when dealing with small applicant pools. When they are developed correctly (i.e., they are based on a thorough job analysis, have very clear rating criteria, and are uniformly administered) they exhibit decent validity. Their disadvantage is that they are very time consuming with larger candidate pools and, since they are not objectively scored like multiple choice tests, there is a tendency for the biases of the raters to inadvertently be reflected in the ratings. BCG has helped develop valid, reliable, and highly effective Structured Interviews for many public and private agencies. [ request a proposal or quote ]

Job Simulations

A job simulation can be used when a thorough job analysis reveals that one or two tasks are so critical to job performance that a successful applicant must be able to perform these tasks on their first day or work. An example might be when an Executive Secretary must have intermediate skill using the Microsoft ® Word electronic word processing software package. A job simulation can be created that evaluates a job applicant's skills with respect to using Microsoft ® Word. BCG has developed a popular software tool called the OPAC ® System that allows employers to test applicant skills on the entire Microsoft ® Office Suite. [ request a proposal or quote ]

Training and Experience Questionnaires

One of the most misunderstood methods of evaluating potential employees is called a Training and Experience Questionnaire (or, simply T&E). With this approach, a series of questions are asked of the applicant related to how much experience or training they have with respect to what are considered “important” aspects of the job. Many government agencies like T&Es because they are easy to create and have the “look” of a real assessment procedure. The main disadvantages of T&Es are that they tend to lack validity , are highly susceptible to applicant “faking” their abilities, and they fail to differentiate between highly qualified and minimally qualified applicants . It is possible to develop T&Es with enhanced validity and BCG staff have used these strategies for both public and private sector clients when these methods of assessment must be used.

Certification Testing

BCG staff have worked with large national organizations and unions to develop and validate their professional certification examinations. We will be presenting on the findings of one of those development efforts at the 14 th National Labor Management Conference in Washington DC in June. BCG has also developed an online certification test administration system that clients can use in the administration of their own certification examinations. [ request a proposal or quote ]

Classification and Pay Studies

If your agency is considering revising the structure of its job class specifications to combine job classes or create new job classes, BCG has the experience and technical sophistication to help you through the process:

•  Conduct a comprehensive job analysis
•  Statistically determine the extent to which some employees performing reliably different sets of job tasks
•  Provide a proposal that will includes clear evidence to support the appropriate conclusions

[ request a proposal or quote ]

Training for HR Analysts

BCG's doctoral and master's level Industrial and Organizational Psychologists have extensive experience providing training to a wide range of individuals in all areas relating to Equal Employment Opportunity, Personnel Selection, and Test Development. [ request a proposal or quote ]

Firefighter & Police Officer Testing Services

BCG's doctoral and master's level Industrial and Organizational Psychologists have extensive experience providing training to a wide range of individuals in all areas relating to Equal Employment Opportunity, Personnel Selection, and Test Development. [ request a proposal or quote ]